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5 reasons to stay in the French Alps this Spring

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The Alps are often associated with skiing, snowboarding and winter fun, but there is so much to offer once the snow melts. Nik, owner of La Maison du Loup in the Pre-Alps just above the coast, fell in love with the area whilst paragliding. She was struck by the fantastic scenery, the calm, the proximity to all the amenities of the coast, and the charming local people who welcomed her with open arms. Make memories in the Mountains this Spring !

Here are just 5 reasons that you too will LOVE 😍 the PACA - Provence Alps Cote d’Azur – area as much as the hosts at La Maison du Loup.

1 - Amazing weather From April onwards the temperatures range from mid 20s to 30 degrees! And it’s sunny nearly every day so you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy al fresco breakfasts and relaxed dinners, late into the Spring / Summer evenings, and if ever you get chilly, an outside fire pit is always possible.

2 - Pure air

Relax under clear blue skies and breathe fresh, mountain air as there is minimal pollution in the French Alps. Immerse yourself in nature at La Maison du Loup, our luxury home in Gréolières, surrounded by trees and mountain pastures, where the only noise is the buzzing of bees and the chirp of cicadas.

3 - Delicious food

PACA boasts delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a wide variety of seafood and fresh, local produce sold in open air markets daily. La Maison du Loup host Nik has worked as a chef on luxury yachts for many years and now offers a half board service if you want some delicious food and don’t feel like cooking. Check out some of the special catered weekends in our luxury 4 bed-room house on offer here.

4 - Great outdoor activities

The Pre-Alps around Greoliérès is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy hiking, mountain-biking, rock climbing, paragliding and canyoning as well swimming and different water sports. La Maison du Loup provides a concierge service and will help you to select and book activities for all the family. There is also loads to do if you have kids to keep them entertained throughout your stay – click here for inspiration.

5 - Beautiful mountain villages

This region has loads of quaint, picturesque villages, like Gourdon, Roussillon and Vaison-la-Romaine, lovely to browse the shops and pick up some local Provencal products and have a drink on a café terrace to take in the gorgeous scenery.

There is something for everyone in this area. To find out more visit our website We look forward to sharing with you all the mountains have to offer.

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