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I'm Nik. Having been a chef on luxury yachts for many years, I have finally put down roots in Gréolières.

I moved ashore after the hectic yachting lifestyle, and with my very cool dog Pedro, took respite in the tranquility our valley has to offer. This peace is now available to you.

La Maison du Loup is ideally situated for complete seclusion and calm, but also for as much adrenaline and fun as you choose to take on.

I used to come up to Greoliérès for paragliding almost every weekend one summer when my yacht was based in Nice. It was whilst sitting up there on the majestic Cheiron mountain waiting to launch that I realised how much I loved the scenery, the calm, proximity to all the amenities of the coast and the charming local people who welcomed us with open arms.

La Maison du Loup has been quite the project and I'm delighted to share the experience with you. Come along, relax with your family, friends and even your pets will love it here.

Looking forward to welcoming you to your home from home.

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