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Greolieres, Alps Maritimes, France

14th Moon Women's Wellness Retreats

14th Moon defines a woman's transition into Menopause. Officially, this is when a woman has not had her cycle for 12 months. With 13 moons in a year, the 14th moon signifies your transition into this next phase of your journey. And what a journey it is. No clear start or end point, crazy diversions, and an estimated time of arrival that could span years. Menopause is most certainly a trip. While there are many roads to Rome, we are here to share tips, knowledge and experiences to guide you on your way, as part of a wise and caring community. At La Maison du Loup, we make menopause management a priority. Our holistic retreat offers nutrition and activity advice, as well as plenty of relaxation options that are tailored toward helping women on their menopause journey. A vast variety of factors affect menopausal symptoms, and they affect us all individually depending on our life experiences. Join us for a life-changing experience that will leave you energized and empowered. The aim of our 14th Moon retreat is to arm you with information and techniques to shape YOUR best path.

€1500 p.p

30th Sept - 7th Oct 2023
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Delicious cuisine

Wholesome, nutritious and delicious meals prepared by Nik, your chef and hostess, will nourish your body.

Relax and enjoy your fully catered stay.  Nik carefully selects whole and local foods as far as possible to support your body and changing hormones.

Swimming & Meditation

Simone will take you to the best swimming spots, whether it be in the Mediterranean or in our slightly fresher river Loup.

Daily guided meditation will bring deeper relaxation and connection with nature.

Holistic Treatments

Bla will be your resident holistic expert.  A qualified sports masseuse, Reiki, Wellness Advocate and a practitioner of MAT- Metaphysical Anatomy Technique.

Too much information to share in this little space, get in touch for more advice.


Snuggle into your sumptuous bed and let your down duvet wrap you in a hug while you drift off into a deep and restful sleep.

King or single beds available depending on your needs.


Your highly qualified mountain guide and hostess Simone will guide you on gentle hikes to explore our beautiful and biodiverse region.

Sim will be with you every step of this wonderful retreat.  Enriching chats and plenty of laughter will abound.


La Maison du Loup is nestled in a white oak forest on the river Loup.  Enjoy full immersion in nature.  Soak up the beauty of nature and the forest.  With proven health benefits, a stroll in the woods will enhance your relaxation and well being.  Simone will guide you and share her wealth of knowledge.

Is this right for you...

Welcome to La Maison du Loup & Magical Summer Treks 14th Moon Menopause Retreat, a retreat dedicated to helping women navigate the changes of menopause. Our retreats offer a holistic approach that incorporates nutrition, activity, and relaxation to help you make the most of your menopausal years.

Our team of experts includes your nutritionally aware chef,  activity expert and guide, and a holistic master who will help you create a personalised plan for your journey. Our chef will prepare delicious meals to nourish your body and mind with focus on menopausal symptoms. Join us in the heart of nature and experience the transformation that La Maison du Loup offers.  

You will go home armed with tips, techniques and recipes to further nourish your fully relaxed body, and have a great little community of ladies to  stay in touch with :-)

We have reached the age when everything is starting to change, its known affectionately as PRE-MENOPAUSE, MENOPAUSE OR POST MENOPAUSE.

Whether we like it or not, we have to go through this period of change and with our retreat we are wanting to add a bit more fun, a sense of adventure, acceptance and laughter into what we all now realise is a very difficult stage of our lives.

Simone Simpson (your activity guide), Nik Stapley (private chef) and Barbara de Moubray (your holistic health & massage expert) are very excited to host this retreat in the Southern French Alps.

We will look after you in every way, as well as guide you to visit some of the most spectacular places in this special part of the world. We will walk amongst sun kissed limestone terraces, swim in the Mediterranean Sea and visit french perched villages alongside a daily routine of meditation, stretching, hiking, wild swimming, laughter and fine food.

We can do this ladies, together, with grace and style.

Love us xx

Nourish your mind, body & soul, guided by our local specialists within the Valley du Loup

This special week is for a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 guests.

If these dates don't suit you, please get in touch for other dates.  And watch this space for upcoming events.

Coffee and teas will be available at all times. 

The projected itinerary will look something like this - 

Wake up – Availability of Tea, meditation & light movement class.

8.00 – 8.30am – Breakfast buffet available


9.15am – morning meeting


9.30am – Day activity. Hike in local mountains or down to the Mediterranean Sea with Sim.


4pm – Return to La Maison du Loup

Tea & Cake, Wild swimming options, Holistic Health availability with Bla.


7pm – Evening Meal

Every evening is spent together; hula hooping, singing, wildlife spotting, tasting the finest of local french wines and cheeses, visiting the local village and best of all sitting around the fire pit sharing stories and laughing.


Please note that individual bookings will likely share a room with another like-minded guest.

All of our 4 bedrooms can have a king size bed, or 2 single beds. 

Our 2 upstairs bedrooms share a bathroom.  And same for our 2 downstairs bedrooms.

Dietary requirements/allergies must be advised in advance.

What's included.....

  • Transport throughout the week and airport pick up/ drop off

  • Accommodation including comfortable, snuggly beds, all bedding, towels, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair dryer... etc

  • Private chef with full board menu specifically designed to support and supplement your changing menopausal body and hormones.

  • Activity program with guided hikes, wild swimming, mediation, forest bathing, movement classes. All activities are set at a gentle pace to suit the groups needs.

  • 2 x body treatments with Barbara de Moubray.

  • 6 hectares of forest to further enhance your connection with Mother nature

  • 2 wonderful fires to warm your cockles

What's not included.....

  • Flights

  • Insurance

  • Any activities not mentioned

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