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Breathtaking - Soma Breath

Above & Beyond Breath


What is Soma Breath?

SOMA Breath is a holistic system of pranayama (breathing) techniques. It can be done by anyone - no experience is necessary - and for many, it is an easy entrance to the world of meditation.

SOMA breathing is done with rhythmic music and guided body/mind connection meditation. This combination helps you to transform your life and reach your full potential.


You may have heard all the hype about Breathwork and the amazing results people are achieving in their lives and you want to give it a try.  So here is a link to a 7 day mini course which will introduce you to the foundations of Soma Breath, guide you through several meditative experiences, and finally, give you a 20 minute breath meditation that you can keep to practice everyday.  


I am so excited to introduce Breathtaking to you.  I was drawn to Breathwork  to help with my long-standing sleep issues, growing (older) pains amongst other things.

I've tried breathwork and meditation at various points in my life to help myself with grief, trauma and so on.  However, my over-active mind wouldn't settle into the meditation leaving me feeling frustrated and no further forward.

And then I found Soma Breath.  The focus is breathing in beats to music, using various breathing techniques to target various issues.  Perfect to keep the mind on task!

I have enjoyed great success with this and am inspired and excited to share it with you.

Click here to learn more.......  

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