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Road above LMDL

Road Biking

Many road biking circuits or “boucles” are accessible from LMDL. The Tour de France has passed through Greolieres many times.

Your host can advise you on short to long bike rides all starting at the villa. 

We have a couple of local riders more than happy to show you the way if you like – with enough advance notice.  Too many routes to mention here, so do get in touch.  We also have a folder with some routes in the villa to help you.

A small example is cycle a 65km route, 911m ascent: LMDL, Andon, La Ferriere, Gréolières les Neiges, Gréolières, LMDL.  It’s a very pretty route with varied scenery, pine woodland, Alpine houses, open hill country, with some fantastic views.

Check out the link below for a map of some of the routes available.  Or Azur Cycle tours can provide you with a more comprehensive service should you wish.  Get in touch, we can help arrange it all.

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